Come on down for the Family Feud!

That's the theme for our July 10th Story Slam. We start telling stories at 8pm, but most people arrive at Side Bar and Restaurant around 7 for drinks and grub. Pick up your tickets now by clicking HERE.

What kind of stories are we looking for with Family Feud?

We want to hear stories about sibling spats, paternal posturing and a mother's mayhem. We want to learn about your child's most infamous temper tantrum and your family squabble that erupted at the Olive Garden. Tell us about that political argument with your dad, the religious disagreement with your mom, or the flare up with your spouse. Perhaps your parents didn't react well when you came out, or got engaged, or moved away (or moved back in!) Has sibling rivalry destroyed your relationship with the family? Have you moved across the country to escape your family? Perhaps you married into a family without understanding what a hot mess they were.

Grab your seats while they last! We also have some SRO tickets for the bar area available, which will allow you to make a quick exit if you see your mother in law at the show. Ha! Grab your tickets by clicking HERE!