The 2016 Story Slam Season will take place on the second Tuesday of the month at Side Bar & Restaurant in West Chester, PA. All events begin at 8pm. Tickets for each Story Slam go on sale the day after the previous month’s event.

January 12th - Silver Lining Winner: Rich Eagles

February 9th - Curiosity - Winner: Aaron Mills

March 8th - Panicked! Winner: Cynthia Angst

April 12th - Satisfaction - Winner: Steve Clark

May 10th - Broke - Winner: Melinda Davis

June 14th - Betrayal - Winner: Peter Cunniffe

July 12th - Joy - Winner: Dara Zuckernick

August 9th - Lost - Winners: Diane Yannick and Jane Butler

September 13th - Risk

October 11th - WTF?

November 1st - 2016 Grand Slam - Theme TBD