Luanne Sims won our "family Feud" Story Slam with her tale of an ongoing prank battle with her brother over the years. Luanne took home the prized pint glass and has earned a slot in the 2018 Grand Slam, which will take place in November.

We heard stories about feuding siblings and irate dads, we listened to a tale of squirrel hunting and a story where dad really did turn the car around. We heard about an abusive stepfather and a mother who yells at her adult children. Thanks to all our storytellers for taking the mic and telling their family tales.

Our next Story Slam is Tuesday, August 14th and the theme is "Sick!" Let's hear stories about being physically ill, mentally distraught, or as the kids say when something is wickedly awesome, "that's sick!" Grab your tickets by clicking HERE.

You can check out Luanne's winning story below. Videos of the other stories told on the night can be watched over at the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.