IMG_4101Luanne Sims won our final regular season Story Slam of the year, earning the final slot in our upcoming GRAND SLAM. Luanne was one of the co-winners of the 2013 GRAND SLAM, so she will be defending the title. Luanne's winning story is posted below!

The theme of Courage brought out many stories - some fun and others rather touching. We heard about fear of heights and fear of speaking. We listened to stories about courage saving someone from being beaten, courage during a night-time scuba dive, and the courage to forgive.

Thanks to all our storytellers tonight. Also thanks to our judges, emcee Mikey Gleason and everyone who came out to listen on our final regular story slam of the season.


CCHS Facility Rentals Packet_img_12014 GRAND SLAM DETAILS

Our 2014 GRAND SLAM will be held at the Chester County Historical Society on Tuesday, November 11th at 8 p.m. Tickets are available now. To order your tickets, click HERE.

The GRAND SLAM features the winning storytellers of the regular season as they go head-to-head for the title of "Best Storyteller in West Chester." Storytellers who have earned a slot in the GRAND SLAM are: Jane Butler, Tim Megaw, Marty Hoban, Diane Yannick, Kevin Ginsberg, Mike Mauger, Justin Daniel, Steve Clark, Terry Heyman, Chris Rich, Jill Salkin, Jeff Hazelwood and Luanne Sims.

wcss-adThe theme of the 2014 GRAND SLAM IS "Fine Line," as in, there's often a fine line between right and wrong, between good and bad, between good luck and bad luck.

For the GRAND SLAM, we will be strictly enforcing the 5 minute rule. Each Storyteller will be signaled at 4 minutes and 30 seconds and then again at 5 minutes. Any story over 5 minutes and 30 seconds will not be counted in the final scores.

Also, at the GRAND SLAM, we will also be celebrating the publication of West Chester Story Slam - Selected Stories 2010-2014. These forty stories were selected from the first five years of West Chester Story Slam and include classics that you'll want to share with friends. Copies will be on sale the night of the GRAND SLAM. This Christmas season, copies will be available at Chester County Book Company, BookPlace, and Amazon.