On Tuesday night, September 11th, the West Chester Story Slam will be hearing stories on the theme “Career Opportunities” at Victory Brewing Company! Come on out and listen to stories – and maybe jump on stage yourself! What do stories about career opportunities look like? Perhaps it's a story about the strangest job you ever had, or the interview process for a job you did or didn't get. Maybe you took on a challenging project that provided a once in a lifetime experience or had to take over a family business to avert a crisis. Work-related stories could be about an opportunity you missed or one that changed your life.

You might be new to our page and asking, but what is the Story Slam?

The West Chester Story Slam is an open mic storytelling night that happens the second Tuesday of every month. Now in its third year, hundreds of stories have been told in front of a live audience and a wide range of themes have been covered. It’s definitely a fun night out – which is why the West Chester Story Slam was voted “Best Entertaining Night Out” by Main Line Today! The rules are simple: Storytellers register upon arrival. Names are drawn out of a hat to decide order of presentation and we typically hear ten stories in a night.

Stories should fit into the theme of the night! Stories should be true as you remember it! Stories should be under five minutes in length! No Notes, No Props, No Music!

Three judges are selected from the audience. Each storyteller is given a score on a scale of 1-10 for two different criteria: content and presentation. The storyteller with the highest score wins, and is given a spot in November’s Grand Slam!

While the West Chester Story Slam is a competition, be assured they don’t take the competitive part too seriously. The goal is to provide a fun night of stories for the audience, and it’s always a thrill to see new participants hop on-stage.

The September Story Slam is Tuesday, September 11th at 8 p.m. in the back room at Victory Brewing Company in Downingtown, PA. Be sure to arrive early for dinner and a good seat! Learn more at