Emcee Mikey Gleason and winning storyteller Cathy Sikorski.

Emcee Mikey Gleason and winning storyteller Cathy Sikorski.

Cathy Sikorski told about a fall that left her sick and in need of a good caregiver to win our "Sick" Story Slam! She took home the prized pint glass and has earned a slot in the Grand Slam, which will take place November 13th.

We heard about all types of sicknesses throughout the night - from drinking too much alcohol to gall bladder surgery to believing one was having a heart attack. We heard about fainting on the boardwalk and getting herpes from playing rugby. Stories also included "Don't drink the water" while boating on the Amazon and getting your ear blown out while visiting a hospital in Yugoslavia. Thanks to all our storytellers, and the audience and judges tonight.

Our next Story Slam is themed "Panic Switch" and will take place on Tuesday, September 11th. Order your tickets by clicking HERE.

Check out Cathy's winning story below. To watch other stories told on the night, click on over to the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.