On August 14th, our Story Slam is themed "Sick!" Our Story Slam starts promptly at 8pm, and most people arrive around 7pm to secure good seats and enjoy dinner and drinks. Grab your tickets by clicking HERE.

What do we mean by "Sick?"

Sick can be taken so many different ways. Kids today often exclaim "that's sick" when they discover something awesome, so that works for us! Perhaps you've overcome addiction or alcoholism, or maybe you have a story about your struggles with physical or mental illness.  Are you struggling with sleep apnea? Tell us about that time you got seasick on a boat or that occasion when you got food poisoning from eating bad sushi. Sometimes we get sick and can't find the source, other times we're sure of the cause. Maybe your hero became ill and you realized they weren't invincible. Perhaps you met someone who had strange fetishes that freaked you out. Tell us your sick story!

Our "Sick" Story Slam starts at 8pm on Tuesday, August 14th on the second floor of Side Bar and Restaurant. Order your tickets by clicking HERE.