Summer is Road Trip Season!


We're dedicating our June 12th Story Slam to the Road Trip! So if you are in West Chester, purchase your tickets and come on out to hear stories and perhaps tell your own. Tickets for our "Road Trip" Story Slam can be purchased by clicking HERE.

What constitutes a Road Trip story?

We want to hear travel stories. Whether you were driving cross country in an RV or making a weekend road trip to the Jersey Shore, we're sure you have a travel tale. Perhaps your road trip consisted of airplane travel or hitchhiking or train hopping. What was the reason for your road trip? Perhaps you traveled to see the Grateful Dead, or to re-kindle a romance? Maybe you spent your road trip talking to auto mechanics instead of being on the road. Did you travel through Europe or South America? Have you road tripped to breathtaking sights? Have you been stopped at the border? Some road trips change our lives and others sometimes ruin our lives. Life itself is a road trip! 

Our Story Slams are held on the second floor of Side Bar and Restaurant in downtown West Chester. We start telling stories at 8pm, but most people arrive around 7pm for food and drink and the best seats. Grab your tickets HERE!