Join us on Tuesday, May 8th for our "Good Vibrations" Story Slam! We start telling stories at Side Bar & Restaurant at 8pm, but most people arrive around 7pm for dinner and drinks. Grab your tickets by clicking HERE.

What stories fit the theme "Good Vibrations?"

We're looking for stories about tingling connections and transcendent moments. Tell us about an overwhelming joy or a thrilling moment that left you shaken. Perhaps there was a moment when you realized you'd met the love of your life or found your tribe of people. Were these people emitting Good Vibrations? Good Vibrations can come from love or lust, success in business or just pure unadulterated pleasure. Maybe you have overcome an addiction, learning that your "good vibrations" were truly leading you to disaster. Let's hear about the good, the bad, and the ugly scenarios of "Good Vibrations."

Grab your tickets for the May 8th Story Slam by clicking HERE.