We're celebrating "Chaos" at our March 13th Story Slam! Pick up your tickets and come on out Side Bar and Restaurant to hear stories - and maybe even tell your own. Our Story Slams start at 8pm, but most people arrive around 7pm for dinner and drinks. A few seats remain and we also have Standing Room Only tickets for the bar area. To order, click HERE.

What is a Chaos story?

Chaos is described as "complete disorder and confusion." We want to hear about that time you were caught up in a riot, or that time a brawl broke out in a bar. Tell us about that office job where nobody knew what the hell they were doing and the project turned out to be a mess. Describe being a lunch mom for your child's kindergarten class. Tell us about the challenges of organizing your wedding or that disastrous vacation where your flight was canceled. We want to hear about Chaos! Seats for this event will sell out, so order yours soon! See you in March!


Our once a year Storytelling Workshop returns to West Chester on Wednesday night, March 21. This two hour workshop was developed for those who want to take the stage but are looking to learn the basics of storytelling. It's important to pre-register so we can send you videos to watch before the class. Learn more by clicking HERE.