Diane Yannick told about the embarrassing moments she's had recently and how it's led her to reflect on her life. Her touching story won the Embarrassing Moments Story Slam, earning her the chance to compete in the 2018 Grand Slam.

Our "Embarrassing Moments" theme brought out several red-faced moments from our storytellers. We heard about embarrassing parents in a few stories, and we learned about why to always proofread your best man's wedding speech. We heard about embarrassing moments following a date and being in a rough spot with a restaurant. Thanks to all our storytellers and the judges tonight!

Our next Story Slam will be Tuesday, February 13th and the theme is "Breathless!" Being the night before Valentine's Day, this theme could be about love at first sight, when one is left breathless - or it could be about gasping for air, perhaps because of high altitude, or being choked or being submerged underwater. Have you hiked at high altitudes or seen a sight that took your breath away? What's left you Breathless? Tickets can be ordered HERE.

You can watch Diane's winning story below! To watch other stories told at our Embarrassing Moments Story Slam, click on over to the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.