Emcee Luanne Sims with winning storyteller Kennan Flanagan

Emcee Luanne Sims with winning storyteller Kennan Flanagan

Kennan Flanagan decided to put his name in the hat at intermission, and as the final storyteller of the night, he won our "School Days" Story Slam with his tale of making quite a profitable trade with a classmate in school. Kennan won the prized pint glass and has earned a slot in our November 7th Grand Slam.

The competition was tight tonight. We heard about drawing obscenities in the school lawn, and naming your class project with an obscene name. We listened to a tale about mistakenly ending up in an Alcoholics Anonymous class as a teen, and creating an ugly art project that took first place. We heard about misunderstanding the school principal, and trying to explain the job of a prosecutor to a grade school class. Our stories were about students, teachers, and parents all trying their best with various degrees of success.

Thanks to all our storytellers, our judges, and the enthusiastic audience for cheering them on.

Our next Story Slam is October 10th and the theme is Close Calls. Order your tickets by clicking HERE.

You can watch Kennan's winning story below. To watch the other awesome stories told on the night, click on over to the West Chester Story Slam YouTube channel.