Emcee Mikey Gleason poses with winner Paul Heck

Emcee Mikey Gleason poses with winner Paul Heck

After the judges were asked to declare the winner out of a rare three-way tie, first-time storyteller Paul Heck emerged as the winner of our "Identity Crisis" Story Slam with his tale of growing up as the tallest kid in his class. In the first round of voting, Paul had tied with Arianna Scavetti and Steve Clark. Arianna told a story about being awkwardly mistaken for a judge. Steve told a tale of meeting a naked religious guru while in a gym sauna.

We heard so many interesting stories on the night. We heard a touching story about learning to hug as an adult, and we heard another tale of the slow progress in overcoming depression. There was a story of trying to get a brother the medical help he desperately needed, and the surprising hero who delivered the goods. We heard about getting respect as a senior, and a story of trying to decide whether to live a right brain/left brain life. We also heard about a make believe girlfriend and an imaginary goat! Thanks to all our storytellers, our judges, and the rowdy audience for cheering!

Our next Story Slam is themed "School Days" and will be held on Tuesday, September 12th. Tickets are available by clicking HERE.

Check out Paul's winning story below. To see all the stories told on the night, click on over to the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.