Join us for our "School Days" Story Slam on Tuesday, September 12th. Our Story Slam starts at 8pm at Side Bar and Restaurant. Click HERE for tickets.

What stories fit into our "School Days" theme?

Tell us your classic story from grade school, middle school, high school or college! Maybe you dropped out of school and received a real education. Perhaps you had to go to summer school, or maybe you went to Catholic school. Were you bullied or perhaps you were the bully? Did you go to school dances or the prom? Have a crush on a teacher? Pull the greatest senior prank? Tell us your school story!

A few tickets remain for the September Story Slam. After that, we only have our October Story Slam and then the Grand Slam, which this year will be November 7th. Save the Date!

Meanwhile, grab your tickets for September 12th while they remain!