On May 9th, we'll be exploring the theme of "Luck" at West Chester Story Slam! Our monthly story slams are held on the second floor of Side Bar & Restaurant and we start telling stories at 8pm. People start arriving around 7pm for seats and to have dinner and drinks. To see if tickets remain, please click HERE.

What type of stories are we looking for with "Luck?"

We're hoping to hear stories about good luck, bad luck and no luck! Tell us about finding yourself in the unluckiest predicament - stranded, a missed flight, a random moment of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Tell us about the good luck in your life - that time you won the lottery, or when you made an unlikely connection with a future boss or mentor on a ski lift. What does it mean to have no luck? Is that really better than bad luck? How have you increased your luck factor? Do you believe in luck?

If you want to tell a story, put your name in the hat upon arrival. Be sure to pick up your tickets early as our Story Slams do sell out. We hope to see you on May 9th at our "Luck" Story Slam!