Story Slam winner Aaron Mills with emcee Mikey Gleason

Story Slam winner Aaron Mills with emcee Mikey Gleason

Aaron Mills won our "Rebellion" Story Slam with his story of throwing a keg party while in high school. Aaron, who was our 2016 Grand Slam Champion, won the prized pint glass and has earned a slot in the 2017 Grand Slam, which will take place in November.

"Rebellion" brought about interesting stories - we actually heard two stories about how the storytellers' parents turned out to be rebels! We heard about the awkward moment of introducing a rebel boyfriend to conservative parents. We heard about jumping the metro turnstiles in Paris and working at a country club with a rebellious kid "who was going places." We heard a story of being a rebellious child who was destined to be a saleswoman. We heard about the unique - and rebellious concept - of the five year marriage. We heard about the rebels that partake in the high school UN program and more.

Thanks to all our storytellers, our judges, and the audience who cheered them on. And thanks as always to the staff at SideBar that takes good care of us!

Our next Story Slam is Tuesday, May 9th and the theme is LUCK! We want to hear about good luck and bad luck or maybe no luck at all. Tickets can be ordered now by clicking HERE.

You can watch Aaron's winning story below. To check out all the stories told at our "Rebellion" Story Slam, click on over to the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.