Tickets for our February 14th Story Slam have sold out. Thank you. 

Our February 14th Story Slam is themed "Love Hurts." The event starts at 8pm on the second floor of SideBar and Restaurant in West Chester, If have a ticket and want to tell a story, sign up upon arrival. Please remember, most people arrive around 7pm for dinner and drinks before the Story Slam. 

What type of stories are we looking for with a theme of "Love Hurts?" 

We want to hear stories about all types of love - romantic love, paternal love, platonic love. We want to hear about heartbreak and breaking hearts. We want to hear about unlikely connections, one night flings, and enduring romances. Let's hear about your first kiss or your last kiss. Maybe you've stuck with it even though love hurts or maybe you had to walk away. 

Thanks to everyone who picked up tickets. If you are looking to get tickets for an upcoming story slam, out tickets for the March 14th Story Slam, which is themed "Working Hard" will go on sale on Wednesday, February 15th.