Our 2017 Story Slam season is officially underway, and the first winner of the year is Diane Yannick! Diane told her heartfelt story of working to overcome her rage the past two months. The theme of the night was Good Times/Bad Times.

We heard many remarkable stories on the night. Craig told the hilarious story of making a huge faux pas while working as a sport anchor on live television. Cathy told how her family came to adopt a new ironic catch-phrase after a tour of Washington DC. Other fun stories included learning about Led Zeppelin while smoking oregano in a basement, breaking up a long-distance relationship, awkward romances, and watching a friend ignite themselves on fire at the end of a party. We also heard about how being laid off brought a few months of memorable moments raising a son and about a snowboarding trip catastrophe. Thanks to all our storytellers for taking the stage and telling their tales! Thanks also to our judges and the audience who cheered on all our storytellers.

Our next Story Slam is on Valentine's Day, February 14th and the theme is "Love Hurts!" Grab your tickets now by clicking HERE!

You can watch Diane's winning story below. To watch the other stories told on the night, click on over to the West Chester Story Slam YouTube channel.