Our July 12th Story Slam is themed "Joy!" Our Story Slam takes place at Side Bar and Restaurant in downtown West Chester. We start telling stories at 8pm, but come early for the best seats and to grab some food and pint. Pick up your tickets by clicking HERE!

What type of stories fit the theme of "Joy?" We want to hear about the most intensely happy moment in your life. Tell us about how escaping from a difficult situation brought you personal joy. Without pain, there can not be Joy. Did you struggle to achieve a life goal? What is one thing in your life that made you elated? Did you escape a bad marriage only to find love later in life? Perhaps you quit a horrible job to start your own business? Where do you find joy? Do you have a special happy place? Maybe you have a story about your friend named Joy? Perhaps you have a story about dealing with bipolar disorder, and weave between depression and joy. Tell us about your search for joy, and how you discovered happiness, 

If you are new to Story Slam and are thinking of telling a story, you can check out the rules page and listen to our podcast or watch stories on our YouTube channel.

Remember, our Story Slams often sell out so please order your tickets early. Click HERE to get your tickets! We'll see you July 12th!