Our June 14th Story Slam is themed "Betrayal," and will be held on the second floor of Side Bar and Restaurant at 8pm. Seats are moving quickly. To order your tickets, click HERE.

What kind of stories fall under the theme of "Betrayal?"

We want to hear stories about being betrayed or perhaps betraying others. Indeed, we've all felt betrayed when others have made tough decisions. Have you been betrayed by someone you love? Maybe by your boss or your employer? Have you ever been paranoid - thinking you had been betrayed - only to realize that you were imagining things? Have you ever had a really tough decision to make and left someone else feeling betrayed? Betrayal happens at times when the goals of two parties diverge and the parties need to split up. Tell us about the time your betrayed someone - how you may have struggled with the choice - or maybe you just said "f*ck it?" Remember - while we often think "betrayal" is reserved for our most intimate relationships, it can often happen when a stranger asks for advice and we steer them the wrong way. There are many levels of betrayal!

Come out June 14th to hear stories on "Betrayal." Don't hesitate to reserve your space. To order tickets, click HERE.

Want some inspiration? Here is Kevin Ginsberg's classic story about betraying some women who were counting on him to get to a theater.