Join us on Tuesday, May 10th for our "Broke" Story Slam! Stories get started at 8pm on the second floor of Side Bar and Restaurant, in West Chester. What does the theme Broke refer to>

We want to hear stories about being "broke" financially, being "broke" spiritually, or being "broke" physically. Perhaps you have endured living in poverty or visited someone who was doing so. Did you spend a period of time being homeless? Living out of your car? These difficulties can lead to being broke spiritually, but you may have endured a rough relationship that nearly broke you, or perhaps you were in the wrong job and felt drained and questioning life. Physically speaking, you may have broken a limb or ribs while skiing or skateboarding or riding your bike.

At our May 10th Story Slam, storytellers will "go for broke" with their stories. If you would like to tell a story, sign up once you arrive. We put the names in the hat and start telling stories at 8pm. The winner received a prized pint glass and earns a slot to return in November's West Chester Story Slam Grand Slam, which is November 1.

Seats are over half gone as of April 27th so order your tickets directly from our TICKETS page.