Cynthia Angst won our "Panicked" Story Slam with her tale of surviving a haunted house while in college. Cynthia was our 2015 Grand Slam winner, so tonight's win means she will return to the Grand Slam stage in November to defend her title as Best Storyteller in West Chester!

Our "Panicked" Story Slam was filled with stories of losing children, getting caught in foot races, and more. We heard about the complicated choice between grad school and girlfriend, we heard a story about climbing a Guatamalan volcano, and we listened to the story of how one man's panic can be another man's catch.

Our next West Chester Story Slam is Tuesday, April 12th and the theme is "Satisfaction." Order your tickets by clicking HERE.

Our one night Late Night Story Slam returns on Thursday, April 28th at 10 pm and the theme is "Fast Lane." Late Night Story Slam is your chance to tell raucous stories. No recording takes place. Late Night Story Slam tickets can be ordered HERE.

Also - scroll down to read details about Center Stage: Adventures in Nature, which takes place at ChesLen Preserve on Saturday, May 21st in the afternoon. Submit your story for this event now!

Below you can watch video of Cynthia's winning story, and all our stories from the night are on the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.