UPDATED 12/31/15: Seats for our January Story Slam have sold out. Thank You. Some SRO tickets are available, which includes a few bar stools.

Our first Story Slam of the 2016 season will be held on Tuesday, January 12th, and the theme is SILVER LINING! Our Story Slam starts at 8pm, but most people arrive to Side Bar and Restaurant around 7pm for dinner and drinks. Seats are limited, and we offer a few standing room only tickets for the bar area also. Click HERE for tickets.

What types of stories fit the theme SILVER LINING? We're looking for stories where things went very wrong, yet somehow something uplifting emerged at the end. Perhaps you have a story about making lemonade out of the lemons you were served or maybe the positive ending came as an unexpected surprise. Did you lose your job and move back in with your parents only to learn something amazing about yourself? Did you struggle to end a bad relationship or get entwined in a disastrous road trip or make the worst holiday gift purchase ever? Maybe you made an investment that fell precipitously but you learned something in the process. We all have stories where there are unintended consequences. Tell us your SILVER LINING story!

If you want to tell a story, pick up your ticket now and then sign up upon arrival at SideBar. We draw names out of a hat and usually listen to ten stories. Check our rules page to insure you've prepped your story. Again, seats for our January 12 Story Slam are limited but we have SRO tickets available also. Click HERE.