Our latest podcast features three stories from the 2015 West Chester Story Slam GRAND SLAM! You can listen to the podcast through iTunes or Podbean

Cynthia Angst won the 2015 GRAND SLAM with her story of contemplating a very important decision, whether or not to become a mother, and how she came to make "the best decision of my life." Cynthia won the title of "Best Storyteller in West Chester" and will have her name immortalized on the Storyteller's Cup. Here is a photo of Cynthia and her son Jordan in Burlington, Vermont. Jordan attends UVM. 

Luanne Sims told a story at the Grand Slam of celebrating her four-year-old son's birthday with a broccoli themed party, complete with a broccoli shaped piñata and an appearance by Captain Broccoli. Luanne was the 2013 Grand Slam co-champion and has told stories at Listen To Your Mother and several Story Slams in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Pat Wendel's story of skydiving with a friend and choosing the wrong skydiving instructor rounds out our Grand Slam podcast. Thanks to all our storytellers who competed in the Grand Slam and thanks to our 2016 podcast sponsor Chester County Book Company.  

Tickets for our January Story Slam will go on sale in early December, so check back soon.