IMG_8549With a theme like Blood and Guts, we knew it had to get wild - and it did! In the end Cindy Heffron and Luanne Sims walked away with with a tie, both earning slots in our November 10th GRAND SLAM! Cindy told the hilarious story of delivering a baby as a nurse. Luanne described the back and forth pranks she and her brother have played on each other over the years. Both stories were jaw dropping funny and touching in their own ways. We also heard some wild stories about people spilling their blood and guts. We heard about motorcycle accidents and firecracker mishaps, about scaring the hell out of a child and how a child scared the heck out of his mother. We heard about fist fights in bars and broken bodies in the Alps. Thanks to our storytellers, our judges and all those who came out and vociferously supported these wild stories!

Our 2015 GRAND SLAM is scheduled for Tuesday, November 10th, 8pm, at Chester County Historical Society. The theme is "No Regrets!" Tickets are on sale now and if you order soon, you can get them mailed directly to your house at no extra charge. Click HERE.

Here are last night's winning stories from Cindy and Luanne! To watch other stories told at the Blood and Guts Story Slam, click on over to the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.