image1-7 Updated October 12th: Seats have sold out but a few Standing Room Only tickets remain. These include a few seats at the bar. 

It's October, so we're getting a little creepy.

Our October 13th Story Slam is themed "Blood and Guts!" You can order your tickets by clicking HERE. What type of stories are we looking for?

We want to hear stories about surviving danger, about bodily injuries, about taking bold actions. We want to hear stories about requiring surgery or needing stitches. Your story might be about a time that required "guts" to make an important life decision. Perhaps you spilled blood, or donated blood, or witnessed a bloodletting. Remember that time you watched your first saw your twelve year old son had a hole in his thigh the size of a quarter and you could see the bone? And how you nearly passed out when the doctor started stitching it? Have you been injured while skiing or mountain biking or hiking? Tell us your "Blood and Guts" story!

Our Story Slam is being held on the second floor of SideBar and Restauraunt, which is located right in downtown West Chester. The Slam starts at 8pm, but most people arrive early for drinks and dinner. If you want to tell a story, see Jim when you arrive. Seats for our Story Slams often sell out, so please order your tickets early by clicking HERE.

Here is a "Blood and Guts" type story told by Matt at a Story Slam last year.