race-finalOn September 26th, 8pm, we're holding a special night of storytelling. Center Stage: Race will feature ten stories from diverse voices on how Race has shaped their lives. We'll hear stories about how our views on Race are shaped by our grandmothers and our neighbors, our fathers and our friends. Our views on Race are often distilled into us as children, but sometimes a new reality sets in as we mature. Sometimes our "aha moment" is while visiting another country or driving down a popular Philly street. Other times, our insights develop when we move into a new house or move to the USA. Let's face it, Race is not often talked about in public. It has often not been talked about in people's homes. These ten stories are meant to help us understand what we all have in common despite our racial differences. We're thrilled that the night's storytellers have agreed to share their personal stories and we're hoping that you will come out for a special night.

You can check out the full lineup of storytellers by clicking here.

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Please join us on Saturday, September 26th, 8pm, at the Chester County Historical Society for Center Stage: Race. Order your tickets HERE.