image1-7Our August 11th Story Slam is themed "Hunger." Tickets are on sale now. Order yours by clicking here. What kind of stories are we hungry for? We want stories about the lack of food, the craving for food, the satisfaction of food. We want stories about the absence of substinence. How long have you gone without eating? Have you visited another country and gotten sick or experienced food poisoning? Perhaps you've visited a country and seen the devastation of true hunger. Have you dealt with anorexia or bulimia? Have you had to help a loved one through food issues? Perhaps you were lost in the woods and had to eat something extreme to stay alive. We also know people hunger for more than food. Have you had an insatiable craving for something out of life?

Our Story Slam starts promptly at 8pm on Tuesday, August 11th on the second floor of Side Bar & Restaurant in downtown West Chester, PA. We recommend arriving early for drinks and a bite to eat. Tickets are moving swiftly, so order your soon. Click here.