In April, our regular Story Slam is sold out but we have some tickets for our special LATE NIGHT STORY SLAM. Read below to learn more: wcssWEST CHESTER STORY SLAM Theme: The Sweet Life Tuesday, April 14th at 8pm. Side Bar & Restaurant For tickets to West Chester Story Slam, click HERE.


What is The Sweet Life? We want to hear stories about candy, but we also want tales about living large and having friends with benefits. Perhaps you vacationed somewhere exotic and were treated like royalty, or were mistaken for a Hollywood star and given amazing free perks. Maybe you had a friend who got you backstage for some amazing show or were flown in a private jet to a remote Carribean Island. Perhaps you dated a "Sugar Daddy" while in college. Maybe your version of "The Sweet Life" only lasted for a few hours, like Cinderella. Perhaps it lasted a few weeks, months or years. If it came to an end, how? Were you arrested? Of course, we want candy stories too. Perhaps you worked at a fudge shop on the boardwalk or once OD'd on Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. One of our favorite stories of living The Sweet Life came from Terry Heyman. Watch her story by clicking here.

mLATE NIGHT STORY SLAM Theme: Sex, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll Thursday, April 30th at 10pm. Side Bar & Restaurant For tickets to Late Night Story Slam, click HERE.

At the Late Night Story Slam, we want to hear raucous stories – the stories you wouldn’t want recorded for YouTube or podcast. You know, those stories you don’t want your kids to hear. The stories you wouldn’t want your mom to hear. The winner of Late Night Story Slam does not earn a slot in the Grand Slam but will win a special prize. What happens at Late Night stays Late Night! The theme for April 30th is "Sex, Drugs, and Rock 'n Roll!" Need we say more? Tell us about your high point or your low point. We want to know about the best/worst night of partying you ever had, your sexual escapades, or the time you quit your job to follow Phish or the Grateful Dead. Stories don't need to contain sex, drugs AND rock 'n roll but can contain any one, two or three of the three elements.