IMG_5642Maureen Egan took home the prized pint glass tonight after telling her story of growing up the kid sister in an Irish Catholic family. The theme of the night was "Innocence." Maureen has earned a slot in our November Grand Slam where she will compete with other winning storytellers from the season for the title of Best Storyteller in West Chester. We heard a wide array of interesting stories on both Innocence and Innocence Lost. Chuck recounted the day JFK was shot. Alex recalled being on campus the day of the horrific Virginia Tech shooting. Heidi told about how being a mother has deeply changed her. We heard about innocence lost in a Dublin Bar, in a darkened stairwell, and in front of a classroom of students. We heard about being investigated by the FBI and being teased by fellow classmates. Thanks to all our storytellers, our judges and the audience for making this a stellar night.

Video of Maureen's winning story is posted below! All the stories from the night are posted on the West Chester Story Slam YouTube Channel.

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In April, we're holding our regular monthly West Chester Story Slam AND a special Late Night Story Slam. At the Late Night Story Slam, we want to hear raucous stories - the stories you wouldn't want recorded for YouTube or podcast. You know, those stories you don't want your kids to hear. The stories you wouldn't want your mom to hear. The winner of Late Night Story Slam does not earn a slot in the Grand Slam but will win a special prize. What happens at Late Night stays Late Night!

So decide which slam you'll attend in April:

WEST CHESTER STORY SLAM Theme: The Sweet Life Tuesday, April 14th at 8pm. For tickets to West Chester Story Slam, click HERE.

LATE NIGHT STORY SLAM - Will go on sale shortly! Theme: Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n Roll Thursday, April 30th at 10pm. For tickets to Late Night Story Slam, click HERE.

Here's Maureen's winning story: