IMG_5811MARCH STORY SLAM HAS SOLD OUT. THANK YOU. Our March 10th Story Slam is themed "Innocence" and tickets have sold out. Thank you. Tickets for the April Story Slam will go on sale March 11th.

This theme of innocence can be spun several ways. The Merriam Webster Dictionary definition:

Innocence: : the state of being not guilty of a crime or other wrong act : lack of experience with the world and with the bad things that happen in life : lack of knowledge about something

We want stories about losing one's innocence. Stories about naivete. We want to hear about being accused of something you didn't do. We want to know about how your lack of knowledge led to something traumatic - but hopefully turned out okay. Don't procrastinate because this Story Slam will sell out.

unnamedCHESTER COUNTY NIGHT SCHOOL If you are intrigued by telling a story on stage, but feel you would like help crafting your story, check out our upcoming two-night Storytelling Workshop through Chester County Night School.

The workshop consists of one night of two-hour instruction on crafting a compelling story, including basic story structure and creative language. On the second night, participants will tell their five-minute story and receive feedback from instructors and peers. Jim Breslin and Terry Heyman are class instructors.

Class nights are March 19 and March 25 and the class is being held at Henderson High School in West Chester.

Space is limited.

To register, click HERE.

397924_10151634587230225_1166262996_nUNUSUAL WORLD PODCAST Each month, we produce a podcast with three of our favorites stories from the live event. Thanks to our sponsor, Chester County Book Company, we're making these podcasts even better this year. You can download a podcast or subscribe to receive each month's podcast when it hits iTunes. Our Unusual World podcast features the winning story by Rich Eagles, plus crowd favorite stories by Chuck Bauerlein and Mike Mauger. You can listen to the podcast on your computer or on your mobile device.

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