photo 2-19After a full night of wild stories, Jill Salkin edged her way to a win with her tale of an arduous hike up Mt. Washington. She won the coveted West Chester Story Slam coffee mug and a spot in November's Grand Slam. Scroll down to watch her story.

We heard some amazing stories that spanned this "small world." We heard about fibbing in France, singing international drinking songs, and being misidentified in China. We also listened to stories about being immortalized - one person in a book and another person's scream preserved on vinyl. We heard about the impact traveling as a pre-teen had on a young woman and we heard about how technology helped with a genealogy search.

WCCSWe also heard some traumatic stories, such as coming to the realization that your nurse is your husband's ex-girlfriend and the tale of waking up nude in a hotel hallway, thirty minutes before being due at work.

A truly fun night of stories - thank to our storytellers, judges, and everyone who came out to cheer them on!

Now, mark your calendar, because we have two events in September.

West Chester Story Slam: SCARS - Tuesday, September 9th at 8 p.m. Side Bar. Tickets here.

West Chester Center Stage: FAITH - Saturday, September 13th at 7 p.m. Tickets here. Read more about Center Stage here.

Here's Jill's winning story. Videos of other stories from our "Small World" Story Slam will be posted later today so check back.