photo-60Congratulations to Terry Heyman for winning our June "Home Sweet Home" Story Slam! Terry told the story of preparing to celebrate a final Christmas with her mother-in-law. It was a humorous and touching story. The range of stories were heard tonight was astonishing. We heard about trashing a rental unit in Hawaii and shooting rap videos in the 'hood. We laughed about inheriting a Hawaiian shirt adorned with naked women, and recalled a solemn remembrance to a fallen soldier. We also laughed at the recollection of how the French eat gourmet burgers and dealing with a squishy tub.

Thanks to our storytellers, our judges, and everyone who came out and laughed and cheered, and in some cases, cried just a little bit.

Here is Terry's winning story below. We'll post videos of the other stories soon so check back in!

Our July 8TH Story Slam is themed "PROMISES." You can reserve seats by clicking HERE.