photo_1Steve won the "Rebel" Story Slam with his tale of acting rebellious on the mean streets of Northeast Philadelphia. Congratulations to Steve who secured a spot in our 2014 Grand Slam. The audience was as rebellious as the theme tonight in their support of our twelve storytellers. Diane told a story of how she rebelled against her parents by changing clothes at school. Peter discussed his early infatuation with David Bowie nearly backfired on him at home. Jon told a story of mistaken identity while teaching at school. We heard tales of teenage rebellion, and dealing with rebellion by our own teenagers. We even heard someone rebel against telling a story.

We ended up hearing twelve stories on the night. Unfortunately, we did not get to all our storytellers so we hope those who did not get to the mic will look ahead and see if their tales will fit into another story slam.

You can watch Steve's winning story below. We will be posting videos of several stories throughout the day on Thursday so check back.

Meanwhile, mark your calendars! Our June 10 Story Slam is themed "Home Sweet Home." Tickets are available here.