photo 1-12Tonight's Story Slam truly satisfied, and in the end Mike Mauger and Justin Daniel walked out with a tie for first place. Mike Mauger told the hilarious story about being assigned to cover one of his favorite musicians and the awkward spot he found himself in. Justin Daniel jumped up immediately afterwards and told a story of serving in the Navy with a sex addict. Both Mike and Justin won a slot in our November Grand Slam! The sold-out audience heard many other phenomenal stories tonight as well. We heard about an odorous gift received from a trash-picking father and how to organize a fundraiser. We learned how mistaken identity led to being arrested by police and another series of awkward moments. We also were introduced to the term, "being Shakespeare's bitch."

photo 3-6Now, the bad news. We just realized we had audio issues while recording last night's stories so only the final two stories are useable. We're so sorry about this, because last night's stories were all very entertaining. Below is Veronica Redd's powerful story which ended the Story Slam last night. Also - check out Maddie's excellent story about a job application.

Thanks to all our storytellers, the judges and everyone in the audience who made last night a magical night.

Our next Story Slam, scheduled for Tuesday, May 13, is themed "Rebel." Rebel can be said as either a noun or a verb! To reserve tickets, click HERE.