UPDATE: Tuesday, April 8th at 12 Noon. Tickets have sold out for tonight's Story Slam. Thank You. Tickets for the May 13 Story Slam will go on sale on Wednesday, April 9th. UPDATE: Thursday, April 3 - Standing Room Only Tickets Remain! Seats have sold out for the April show. Hanging at the bar is always a fun time for these shows. There are bar stools at the bar also, so pick up tickets and come early to grab a bar seat. Click HERE for tickets.

We're taking on the theme "Satisfaction!"

DSC_0046Our April 8th West Chester Story Slam will feature stories where we seek, crave, pursue, and possibly even achieve some level of satisfaction.

We all sometimes have fleeting moments where we do not feel satisfied - about our work, our legacy, our loves. Yet, other times we pause to reflect on moments that have brought us immeasurable satisfaction. Satisfaction is also fleeting. Think of that last moment in the movie "The Graduate," where Benjamin Braddock's face goes from joyous smile to a questioning look of "what now?" Perhaps you've received satisfaction from revenge, or from proving your point, or by moving across the country. What has brought you great satisfaction? What have you given up to achieve satisfaction?

Our "Satisfaction" Story Slam is Tuesday, April 8 at Side Bar & Restaurant, which is located at 10 East Gay Street in downtown West Chester, PA. The show starts at 8 p.m. Seating remains. To reserve seats, click HERE.

Oh, did you see the winning story last month? Here is Kevin Ginsberg on the theme "Regrets."