Update: Monday, October 7 5:00pm - Seats for the October 8th Story Slam are sold out. Thank you. October 8 4:15pm - Standing Room Only Tickets have sold out. Thank you. Our October 8th Story Slam, the final regular season story slam of the year, is themed "Chaos!" Come out and watch as storytellers try to secure the final spot for November's Grand Slam. The October 8th Story Slam will be held on the second floor of Side Bar. We start hearing stories at 8pm. Reserve your seats by clicking HERE.

images The theme "Chaos" is pretty straightforward. Chaos often stirs change. All organizations experience chaos in some form or another. Gremlins get into the machine and start wreaking havoc on the best laid plans. Chaos is experienced in sports, music, literature, business, families, and also in a person's mind. The internet and new media has brought chaotic disruption to newspaper and magazine publishers. Anarchy is a form of chaos. Storytelling in itself is a way of brining meaning to a life of chaos. What really matters in life is how we respond to the chaos around us.

Here's the definition.



1. complete disorder and confusion

Last month, Shari Donath won our Story Slam, which was themed "Respect." Shari's story had a bit of chaos in it. Check out her story here and think about what your Chaos story will be! We hope to see you on October 8th.