Shari Donath didn't plan on telling a story, but inspired after hearing the first five stories, she signed up at intermission and ended up winning our Respect Story Slam. She told a dramatic and humorous story about what went awry when she mixed chemicals in her basement.DSC_0059 We heard so many interesting stories on the theme tonight - stories about college gym classes, Netflix addictions, standing up a to a boss, dealing with the TSA, slapping a thief on a NY subway, speeding in Colorado, and the comeback kids in a local softball league.

Thanks to all our ten storytellers, our three judges and everyone who came out to cheer the storytellers on. Here's Shari's winning story. More stories will be posted soon.

GRAND SLAM NEWS! At the end of the night, Jim Breslin announced the venue for the 2013 Grand Slam! Here's the official announcement: CCHSlogo300dpi I’m happy to announce our 4th Annual Grand Slam will be held at the Chester County Historical Society (CCHS) on Tuesday, November 12th. The Grand Slam is the annual event, when the ten winning storytellers of the season go toe-to-toe for the chance to be titled “The Best Storyteller in West Chester,” and I’m thrilled the CCHS has partnered with us so we could use their auditorium.

Those who have attended previous Grand Slams will recall how tightly packed these events were - both at Ryan’s Pub (2010, 2011) and Victory Brewing Co. (2012). Unfortunately, other story lovers were turned away from these events due to lack of space. By holding our Grand Slam at CCHS, we can accommodate over 200 spectators, hopefully giving everyone interested the opportunity to watch these incredible storytellers compete in our final showdown.

The Chester County Historical Society is located at 225 N. High Street in West Chester, which is walking distance from the Side Bar where Grand Slam attendees can still enjoy dinner and drinks. On the night of the Grand Slam show your Side Bar server your Grand Slam ticket and receive 15% off your bill! (drinks not included) And since some of the best conversations are often had after our Story Slams, Side Bar will be hosting our after-party.

Tickets for the Grand Slam are on sale now. Click here to order your tickets.