Let's talk about those glorious teenage years! The theme for our August 13th Story Slam is Teen Spirit! Tickets for the event can be purchased here.

What type of stories are we looking for? (See Below!)


Teen Spirit reflects the gumption, the audacity, the feeling of immortality we have during those years. We were all young at one time, and many of us were foolish, in love with life, and just plain naive. Teens can often be over confident, even cocky. Teens often believe they are immortal, and this can cause problems. These formative years are a time where we matured into adults and learned about ourselves and others. We experimented, listened to rock ’n roll, made outrageous mistakes, had our hearts crushed, our pimples popped, our cars wrecked, and worried our parents. All in a typical weekend. For those old enough to have their own teens now, this all comes back to haunt you.

Our “Teen Spirit” Story Slam will take place at Side Bar on Tuesday, August 13th. Most folks arrive by 7 to order dinner and the storytelling begins at 8 p.m. We have limited seating so please reserve your seats online by clicking here.