(Updated June 10th at 4pm) Seats for our June 11th Story Slam have sold out. Thank you everyone for your support. Seats for our July Story Slam will go on sale on Wednesday, June 12. Summer means exploring the great outdoors, which means our June 11th Story Slam is themed "Into The Wild!" Tickets for the event can be purchased here. DSC_0001 What type of stories are we looking for?

The word "wild" is key here. Sure, we would like to hear stories about the plains of the Serengeti, the peaks of Kilimanjaro, and the base camp in Nepal, so bring your favorite outdoorsman story with you. These stories could be about survival, beauty, or solitude. Stories about self discovery. The term "wild" can also be used in other situations that occur closer to home. Did you find yourself in the thick of a potential protest or riot? Perhaps you visited a frat house where the party got a bit out of hand?

Our "Into The Wild" Story Slam will take place at Side Bar on Tuesday, June 11th. Most folks arrive by 7 to order dinner and the storytelling begins at 8 p.m. have limited seating so please reserve your seats online by clicking here. Last month's event did sell out.