UPDATED MAY 13TH, 11PM: Our May 14th Story Slam is sold out. Please check out Delco Story Slam for our May 22nd Story Slam. Tickets for the next West Chester Story Slam, scheduled for June 11th, will go on sale on Wednesday, May 15th at 12 Noon. Thanks. If you have not been to West Chester Story Slam, come get your first impression! First Impressions is the theme of our next Story Slam, which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 14th at 8pm. You can order your tickets here.

What does the theme First Impressions mean? Although this is fairly self explanatory, here's some thoughts to jumpstart your creative juices. photo-28 Often our first impressions are misleading. Perhaps you were less than impressed the first time your met the person who eventually became your spouse, or conversely, maybe you dated the person you thought was "the one" only to find out they were definitely not. You may have taken a position at a company you thought was going to boost your career only to find out the boss or the culture was horrible. Sometimes we realize we made a bad first impression ourselves and we have to takes steps to correct the situation. We may have said something or tried to crack a joke that turned out to be inappropriate.

What was your first impression of your high school or your college? How about your first impression of that college roommate that wore too much cologne and listened to hip hop all night? Maybe you had to handhold a friend as they struggled with their first impressions of a new job, a new city or a new country?

There's plenty of ways to take this theme. Think about your story and check out our May 14th Story Slam. We have continually had first time storytellers walk away with the win (and the coveted coffee mug) and May could be your turn! Order tickets here, and don't forget to check our Parking Tips here.