Our April Story Slam is themed Ink! What does that mean? DSC_0006

We're looking for stories about any type of ink. Be creative!

Ink has been the foundation of our culture (at least before the digital age), and has been the foundation for classic novels, magazine articles, and newspapers. We'd also love to hear stories about printer ink or tattoo ink. Maybe a pen exploded on you at the most inappropriate moment. Have you been influenced by a classic novel? Perhaps you took a road trip after reading Jack Kerouac's classic "On The Road." Maybe you have written a memoir or an article that changed someone's way of thinking. Have you ever stalked a celebrity to get their autograph? Who doesn't have a tattoo story? Have you ever been involved in an incident with a very embarrassing typo? There's many ways to take our next theme, INK!


The Ink Story Slam is being held on Tuesday, April 9th at 8 pm. Reserve your tickets here.

NOTE ON TICKETS: When you visit our ticket page, you will now have the opportunity to choose either reserved seats or standing room only tickets for each show. Our seats for the shows have sold out the past three months, so please order early.