IMG_7773Our February Story Slam ended last night with a tie! Karen Randall and Eryn Travis both went home as champions, and both have been awarded a slot in our November Grand Slam. Karen told the hilarious story of her first visit to a gynecologist, giving the audience what may have been the biggest laugh of the season to date. Eryn Travis delivered a story about how she mistakenly dropped her son off at school in his pajamas, the ensuing phone call from the administrator, and what she learned from the experience.

We heard a wide range of stories on the theme Warning Signs, including tales of lentil soup in Africa, condemned college buildings, bad real estate dealings, and exposing oneself while at Jewish summer camp. We heard a few stories about bad drivers - including one who was a bus driver. We also heard one story about overcoming the warning signs from a potential father in law, and another story about overcoming the warning signs of a potential son in law.

Big thanks goes out to all our storytellers - and to our sold out, and rather rowdy live audience. Your cheers and applause is inspiring to everyone who takes the stage.

Here's the two winning stories. First up is Karen Randall and the awkwardness of visiting her gynecologist for the first time.

Here's Eryn Travis's story about sending her son to school in his pajamas.

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