UPDATED: February 11th, 2013 - Our reserved seats for the February 12th event has sold out. Thanks for ordering your seats. We will have some standing room only at the bar (with limited bar stool seats) available at the door for $10.

Warning Signs.

Could there be a better theme for a Story Slam set for two days before Valentine’s Day? Perhaps when you met your significant other, you didn’t heed the warning signs that they were the one. Or maybe you dated someone you were crazy about, only to discover they were just plain crazy. Okay, we’re just having fun here, but lets discuss more ideas on what the theme Warning Signs could entail.

Are you a person who takes risks? Perhaps you’ve taken physical risks or monetary risks? Maybe you’ve traveled to exotic locations - skied down a glacier or hiked an amazing summit? We take a risk when we make a career change, when we stop to help a car broken down on the side of the road. Helping others often means we put ourselves at risk. Loving others means we put ourselves at risk. Our world is fraught with risk, and we are left to visualize the warning signs based on our own experiences.

Perhaps you a person who plays it safe? Maybe you lived a vanilla life until one day you were struck with the inclination to “toss caution to the wind” and go for it. That may have proven to be exhilarating…or a catastrophe. We hope it was the former.

The photo below shows the Warning Sign that stands at the summit of the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City, Utah. My brother and I once stood at that sign during a blizzard - me on my snowboard and he on skis - before plummeting down the backside of the mountain in some stellar back country skiing. A month later, we read that a skier was killed in an avalanche on the same out of bounds path.

We spend our lives evaluating Warning Signs - on prescription bottles, on highways, on wine bottles, on restaurant menus - and making decisions as to whether we will heed them or blow past them. Our decisions sometimes lead to glory, at other times they may lead to tragedy. We want to hear your story!

The Warning Signs Story Slam is Tuesday, February 12th at Side Bar in West Chester, PA. For your tickets, click HERE. Also - don’t forget to read our Parking Tips. We hope to see you there!

Warning Signs