Our 2013 Story Slam Season kicks off on January 8th! Please remember, we are now a ticketed event at a slightly smaller venue - the second floor of Side Bar, which is located on Gay Street in the borough. We encourage you to order your tickets before the day of the show. For tickets, please click here. The theme for the night is Social Media. What do we mean by Social Media?

We’re looking for stories about how the internet has changed your life. Social Media is thought of mainly as websites such as Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In, but we are happy to hear stories based on relationships made through the internet. Perhaps you are now married to someone you met on an online dating site. Maybe through using a Family Tree website, your learned something unique about your family history.

We’d love to hear stories where virtual reality slams into physical reality. We can’t help but think of the famous Seinfeld scene where George Costanza discusses Relationship George vs. Independent George. Social media brings about instances where your work friends now mingle with your family, where your mother may respond to Facebook posts from your college roommates. If you use Social Media, you know it becomes one big melting pot - for better or for worse!

We hope to see you on January 8th.

Oh, and here's a Parking tip for West Chester. The Chestnut Street Garage (across from the YMCA) is a ticketed garage. If you pull in to park, they will hand you a time-stamped ticket. However, their attendants are only in the office until 9:30, which means if you exit the lot after 9:30 the gate is open and their is no charge.