Patrick Carmody won our Grand Slam with a tremendous story about how his father inadvertently left a legacy behind. The story won a coveted perfect score, the only thing wrong was our technical issue. We ran out of tape and we are missing a crucial thirty seconds of the story. We may edit it together for you to view so check back. 


All the stories on the night were fantastic. I truly believe this was the best night of storytelling in our three years. Thanks so much to everyone for their enthusiastic support of the West Chester Story Slam. Last night was a really packed house (though it wasn't quite as dangerous as our Grand Slam at Ryan's Pub last year.) We apologize to those who couldn't fit into the room or had trouble hearing while standing partially in the hall. We're exploring a new reservation system for next season so check back for more information in the next month. 

In the meantime, you can watch the great stories below and click here to learn about our "Best of" Slam at Burlap and Bean!