Don't Panic! October 9th is your last opportunity to win a slot in our Grand Slam! The theme for October is "Panic Switch!" It surely will be an interesting night as we finish up our third season and start preparations for the November championship.

What are some ideas around the theme Panic Switch?

Tell us a story about a time you panicked - whether your reactions were warranted or turned out to be a panic for no reason at all. Perhaps you were in a situation where a friend or stranger panicked and you had to be the voice of reason and talk them down from the ledge. Stories could be about worldwide panic - war, 9/11, a plague, or other tragedies - or your panic could be of a more personal variety - dealing with a personal or family issues. When we reflect on life, some of our greatest accomplishments were preceded by anxious moments of self doubt. It's often said, "all conflict is internal." Maybe you or a loved one suffers from panic attacks, which has led to an insightful story about human nature.

Take a few moments and think of some of your moments of panic, how they came to pass, and how you resolved them. And then, overcome your fear and hop on stage Tuesday night, October 9th at 8pm and tell your story!