"There are eight million stories in the Big City." On Tuesday, August 14th, we will hear ten of them! Our theme for August is "Metropolis - Tales from the big city." We'll be hearing stories set in or around the idea of living an urban area. It doesn't matter what city: Philly, New York City, London, Beijing, Paris, Chicago, Sydney, etc. Any large and busy city story is worthy of being told.

Maybe you were visiting a city and learned an important life lesson. Perhaps you lived in a big city, and one day had the realization it was time to leave. Cities are full of danger, romance, dreams, villains and random acts of kindness from strangers. Remember, we love first time storytellers and this could be your opportunity to take the plunge. Check out our rules page and take a deep breath! It's all in good fun - whether you tell a story or just come out and listen! So come on out to Victory Brewing Company on Tuesday, August 14th at 8pm. Come early, grab a beer, and get the best seats.

In the meantime, check out the photos below for jumpstarter ideas on your story!