Ah, to be young and carefree!The theme “Teenage Kicks” is pretty self-evident, but here are some thoughts. At one time, we were all young and foolish, or young and in love, or just plain naive. The teen years can be tough times. We matured into adults and learned about ourselves and others. We experimented, listened to rock ’n roll, made outrageous mistakes, had our hearts crushed, our pimples popped, our cars wrecked, worried our parents and fought with our siblings. All in a typical weekend. For those old enough to have their own teens now, you know this all comes back to haunt you. But I digress…. What is your teenage kicks story? Maybe it’s a story where you learned a life lesson, found your soul mate, were taken advantage of, or came to understand an inherent truth that has shaped your life. (continued)

Our story slam will be on Tuesday, May 8th at 8 pm. If you have a party of eight or more, you can make a reservation through Victory Brewing Co. We recommend you come early for dinner and a beer, and make sure they seat you in the back room for the slam! And - if you have a story to tell - come sign up at the front once you arrive! In the meantime, as you think of your story, here’s the inspiration for this slam - the song Teenage Kicks by the Irish powerpop band The Undertones.