Joanne Rafferty won the April story slam, themed “Rise Above,” with her story of an incredible day in her life in South Philly. She told her tale of splurging on a very expensive bath towel, and the remarkable turn of events which led to her bath towel becoming infamous on the local news. Check out Joanne's story here:

Special Guest Storyteller and Author Kelly Simmons told an engaging story of how her efforts to save a possible suicide while riding in the quiet car of a Septa train led to a confrontation, and she shared a message for all the men in the audience. During intermission, Kelly signed copies of her two novels, Standing Still and The Birdhouse. Author Kelly Simmons Tells Her Story

Many of the “Rise Above” stories were tales of airborn adventures. From the opening story, in which Brad vividly described flying a small airplane with an airsick dog as his cargo, to Celeste’s panic attack while parasailing, to Langdon’s story of his first and only time in a glider, these stories truly rose above. David James also told the hilarious story of being stuck on a plane with a trio that formed an impromptu and unwarranted musical composition.

Peter Cunniffe and Patrick Carmody both told moving tales of their praise for their respective sisters. Check back to see videos of several stories which will be posted over the next few days. Also - check out the West Chester Story Slam podcast on iTunes.

Our next slam is May 8th and the theme is Teenage Kicks - stories about the developing teen years could include teen love, teen learnings, teen stupidity, teen angst, and teen spirit. What are those stories you don’t want to tell your teens? Remember, that for parties of eight or more, call ahead to make reservations and it’s best to arrive early to secure a seat.